My name is Janet and I am a certified consultant for both Dixie Belle Paint Company and Amy Howard at Home Paints. I started Southern Simplicity in 2019 as a way to share my passion and knowledge for paints, antiques, and furniture restoration with the world. As a certified consultant, I am able to sell both paint lines but more importantly, I am able to take classes and pass on my knowledge of how the paints react to different materials, brushes, and techniques to help you in your project. Painting and restoration is a great hobby, but I recognize it can be intimidating when you are getting started. I hope by sharing my knowledge and passion, you will be confident to start your next project. 

While I work with clients all over the United States, I am blessed to call North Carolina home, and I have a showroom with all my recent work in Highpoint, NC (an hour outside of Charlotte). If you are in the area, just let me know and I would be happy to show you around or you can simply visit the showroom. I offer in-person classes and custom refurbishing if you would rather have a piece of furniture updated for you. 

Please feel free to look around my site. If you have any questions, just let me know and if you are interested in purchasing paints (which I would greatly appreciate) my seller pages are hyper-linked here for both Dixie Belle Paint Company and Amy Howard at Home


Areas of My Business

— Dixie Belle Paint Company

I have been using Dixie Belle Paints for over ten years. I became a retailer for Dixie Belle Paint Company in 2021 and sell their products online and in my shop. My favorite paint colors are “Vintage Duck Egg” and “The Gulf.”

Amy Howard has been such an inspiration to me in starting my business. I have attended her week-long course in Memphis and can now share with you Amy’s amazing finishes and the best techniques for applying them. 

— Storefront

I am proud and blessed to be part of the Twin Deer Antique Mall in Highpoint. This is a vendor marketplace that supports the community by providing a space for local artisans to host events and sell their products. 

This is where I currently sell my personal works and host workshops. If you are in the area, do stop by! 



“Always on the go girl…always looking.”

When I am not shopping for or refurbishing a piece of furniture, I enjoy gardening, spending time with my family, and traveling. 

My goal is to retire one day to Italy, so please buy more paint 🙂 


My "Co-WorkerS"

Duncan is my go-to pup. He does a great job greeting customers, supporting design decisions, and of course modeling! 

At home I have two cats, Jasmine and Max. Jasmine keeps my keyboard warm and inspects all empty boxes. Max…well we are not really sure what he does!

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